Simplify subcontractor management with HoundDog + JobTread

HoundDog collects and verifies Certificates of Insurance from your subcontractors. JobTread manages your estimates, projects and daily operations. Connect your HoundDog and JobTread accounts in seconds and see why contractors love HoundDog + JobTread.


JobTread is the new standard for managing construction operations and projects

JobTread is a simple and affordable construction management software that helps contractors tackle projects and day-to-day operations more efficienty.

Streamlined bidding

Less paperwork when using SaaS for insurane tracking.

Organized documents

Efficient job costing

Powerful scheduling

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HoundDog is How Contractors Track COI's Using Modern Technology

HoundDog uses AI and machine learning to capture the COI's you need and verify they're accurate to your requirements. Renewals are automatic and you can even capture contracts, W-9's and lien waivers, if needed.

AI and automation to collect and verify COI's

Less paperwork when using SaaS for insurane tracking.

All documents organized and stored

If coverages are missing, changes automatically requested

Renewals collected automatically


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Connect your JobTread account with HoundDog in seconds

Managing projects and processes with JobTread? HoundDog complements JobTread’s capabilities by giving you sophisticated automation options to manage your subcontractors’ COIs and other documents you need.

Streamlining subcontractor compliance slashes your administrative burden even more and reduces your company’s exposure to the risk associated with hiring subcontractors.

Contractors Love HoundDog & JobTread

“Chasing down proof of insurance from all your subcontractors can be difficult. You’re constantly reaching out to get certs in the first place and half the time they’re missing something when you finally get them. Implementing HoundDog COI tracking and automation has been amazing for us.”

Bo Dillon

Dillon Homes & Real Estate

“We track Certificates of Insurance for thousands of contractors. Leveraging HoundDog coi tracking has enabled us to move faster, reduce risk better, and allocate payroll to more important duties than chasing down documents. Having our software systems connected has improved effeciency for us considerably.”

Willy Schlacks

Co-Founder, EquipmentShare

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