HoundDog for Franchises

Certificate of Insurance Tracking for Franchises

Are you still tracking Certificates of Insurance manually for your franchise locations and your franchisees? Why do that when you can automate the entire COI collection and verification process.

Take your COI management from uncertain and outdated to confident and carefree with HoundDog COI Tracking for Franchises.

Cut down on paperwork

Automatically track and verify vendor COIs while you focus on more important work.

As versatile as your business

Set different insurance requirements as needed for contractors and franchisees.

Modernize vendor compliance

Spend less time chasing documents and reduce risk better.

Built to scale with your organization

HoundDog scales as grow or with personnel changes.

Collect Other Compliance Documents

Use HoundDog to get contract signatures,  W-9s and more.

Join the HoundDog pack today to increase subcontractor compliance and reduce your manual workload by up to 80% or more. Schedule a demo to learn more or get a quote.