HoundDog for Municipalities

Certificate of Insurance Tracking for Municipalities

Energy Link logo. Energy Link uses HoundDog certificate of insurance tracking software.
GoodHouse is a contractor that uses HoundDog certificate of insurance tracking software.
EquipmentShare is a large company using HoundDog to verify that businesses are insured.

Municipalities and other government entities work with a variety of subcontractors. While these organizations often have sovereign immunity, collecting and verifying subcontractors’ Certificates of Insurance is still crucial.

Do your subcontractors have compliant insurance policies with all the right limits and endorsements? Take your COI management from uncertain and outdated to confident and carefree with HoundDog for Municipalities.

Cut down on paperwork

Automatically track and verify COIs while you focus on project management.

Your compliance data at a glance

Be sure that every subcontractor has the required policy limits and endorsements.

As versatile as your organization

Set different requirements for each subcontractor category.

Build organizational continuity

Single source of truth across multiple departments and personnel changes.

Everything in one place

Collect W-9s, surety and performance bonds.

Join the HoundDog pack today to reduce your risk, increase compliance, and cut your manual workload by as much as 75%. Schedule a 20-minute demo or contact us to get started.

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