HoundDog Automated Technology

Certificate of Insurance Tracking for Any Business or Organizaion

Are you still tracking Certificates of Insurance with spreadsheets or with software that wasn’t built for the job? Take your COI management from uncertain and outdated to confident and carefree with HoundDog's proprietary COI collection and tracking solution.

We can help any business or organization track vendor and contractor compliance documents from COI's to Contracts, W-9's, lien waivers and more.  

Cut down on paperwork

Automatically track and verify COIs while you focus on strategic work.

As versatile as your business

Set different insurance requirements as needed for each vendor type or risk type.

Modernize vendor compliance

Use the latest tech to capture documents and streamline operations.

Built to scale

HoundDog scales with business growth or with personnel changes.

Collect all vendor documents

Use HoundDog to get contracts signed, capture W9's, and more.

Industries we work for

HoundDog solutions will take your business to the next level

Optimize team performance, increase productivity and efficiency, eliminate routine paperwork and many more benefits with HoundDog







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School Districts

Join the HoundDog pack today to increase subcontractor compliance and reduce your manual workload by up to 80% or more. Schedule a demo to learn more or get a quote.