HoundDog for Property Managers

Certificate of Insurance Tracking
for Property Managers

Energy Link logo. Energy Link uses HoundDog certificate of insurance tracking software.
EquipmentShare is a large company using HoundDog to verify that businesses are insured.

Is compliance paperwork with your vendors, contractors, and tenants difficult to manage? Do you have compliant Certificates of Insurance on file for every contractor and commercial tenant?

Work smarter. Not harder.

Collecting and verifying COI's and other vendor or commercial tenant paperwork is a highly ineffecient use of an employee's time. HoundDog can automate the entire COI collection and verification process. We can even collect contracts, W-9's, rental applications and more!

Cut down on paperwork

Focus on your business while automation collects and verifies COIs in the background.

As versatile as your business

Set project-specific insurance requirements,
if needed.

Stay organized & easily view compliance

Automatically organize COIs by site, project, and more.

Connect with your current systems

Integrate with top construction project management systems.

Maintain business continuity

Single source of truth through personnel changes.

Join the HoundDog pack today to increase subcontractor compliance and reduce your manual workload by up to 80% or more. Schedule a demo to learn more or get a quote.

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