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Insurance Verification & Tracking. Simplified.

Use HoundDog to track down insurance for the businesses you hire. Contractors, property managers, cities and others use HoundDog's automation to verify insurance, which saves time, money, and the hassle of manual processes.  

Energy Link logo. Energy Link uses HoundDog certificate of insurance tracking software.
GoodHouse is a contractor that uses HoundDog certificate of insurance tracking software.
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EquipmentShare is a large company using HoundDog to verify that businesses are insured.
Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Automated Insurance Tracking

40% of businesses don't have insurance. Get the right insurance from those you hire and protect yourself from claims that could cost millions. Use our proprietary insurance tracking system to verify and streamline the verification process.

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Graph of improved insurance compliance.Improve general liability insurance tracking. Insurance Tracking Dashboard.
Save Time. Save Money.

Let Us Handle The Tracking Process & Paperwork

HoundDog's certificate of insurance tracking system will save you time, money and eliminate stress of tracking down paperwork.

Track insurance better.
Continually improving insurance compliance using HoundDog.

Save Time & Money with HoundDog.

How much is your time worth? Automating processes can improve efficiency and lower costs. Let HoundDog save you time and hassle.

Reduce hassle when using HoundDog to track insurance.

Automate To Save Hassle.

HoundDog allows you to automate your insurance certificate requests, collection, and compliance resolution-- all while also giving you a single, centralized dashboard to view it all in action.

Graph representation of insurance tracking software.
Improved insurance compliance.
Less paperwork when using SaaS for insurane tracking.

Mistakes Happen. Be safer.

Businesses make mistakes. Using our software to get proof of insurance from your service providers can help you avoid claims and lawsuits that can cost you millions.

We will save you time, money and hassle. Let’s automate your insurance tracking.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We have developed a pretty amazing risk management product for businesses and the general public to use. See what verified users are saying.

“When you own and manage multiple properties, making sure our subs and vendors are compliant with our insurance requirements is extremely important from a risk management perspective. HoundDog is an amazing partner for us. Their automation saves us time, money, and headaches tracking down certificates of insurance.”

Jay Lindner
Co-Owner & President, Lindner Properties

"We track thousands of certificates of insurance for our vendors and service providers across the country. HoundDog had the features we were looking for without the high price of their competitors. They helped us streamline our onboarding process and our ongoing insurance verification process."

Willy Schlacks
Co-Founder, Equipment Share
All businesses and even homeowners can track insurance for the businesses they hire. Track business insurance better.
Verification & Tracking For Everyone

We Track Insurance For Any
Industry or Business

Everyone should verify insurance before they hire a service provider. Our insurance and verification platform is the affordable way for anyone to track insurance for any industry.

Let’s simplify & automate your insurance tracking.