HoundDog insurance tracking dashboard

Insurance Verification & Tracking. Simplified.

Automate your insurance verification to protect your business and save the hassle.

Energy Link logo. Energy Link uses HoundDog certificate of insurance tracking software.
GoodHouse is a contractor that uses HoundDog certificate of insurance tracking software.
Anderson Homes logo for HoundDog certificate of insurance tracking software.
EquipmentShare is a large company using HoundDog to verify that businesses are insured.

Protect your business from unidentified exposures

75% of businesses don’t have the right insurance. Hiring underinsured partners can lead to unexpected claims, lawsuits, or premium hikes at audit time. But verifying insurance paperwork can be overwhelming - and your to-do list isn’t exactly short.

Focus on your business, not paperwork

Tracking insurance shouldn't be a full-time job. That’s why we used decades of insurance industry experience to develop HoundDog. We automate insurance verification for more than 500 businesses, reducing their manual workload by as much as 75%.

Uncover risks with real-time data

We believe that with today’s tech, there’s no excuse for exposures to fly under the radar. Your insurance tracking system should make your life easier by revealing coverage gaps and highlighting your most important data points.

Here's how it works

We work together to onboard your current vendors, documents, and insurance coverage requirements.

HoundDog works directly with vendors and their insurance agents to collect new documents.

The software uses machine learning to read the data, verify it against your requirements, and display it in a clean dashboard.

You’re all set. When COIs expire, they’re automatically reverified. When you have personnel changes, the data and process remain steadfast.

You are your business’s greatest protector. Stop wasting time on manual tracking and outdated systems that expose your company to risk - and move forward, knowing your business is protected.


What our customers are saying

Contractors. Property managers. Municipalities. Universities. Anyone hiring third parties absolutely must manage risk by verifying their insurance. Ditch the spreadsheets and simplify the process with HoundDog.

“When you own and manage multiple properties, making sure our subs and vendors are compliant with our insurance requirements is extremely important from a risk management perspective. HoundDog is an amazing partner for us. Their automation saves us time, money, and headaches tracking down certificates of insurance.”

Jay Lindner
Co-Owner & President, Lindner Properties

"We track thousands of certificates of insurance for our vendors and service providers across the country. HoundDog had the features we were looking for without the high price of their competitors. They helped us streamline our onboarding process and our ongoing insurance verification process."

Willy Schlacks
Co-Founder, Equipment Share