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All Automated.   

Contractors verify and track the insurance of subcontractors. Property managers track vendors. Event coordinators track their partners. Even consumers track
(or should track) insurance for the service providers that they hire. HoundDog helps anyone validate and track business insurance.

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Improved Efficiency For Everyone

Automated Business Insurance Tracking For All

Through our AI-enabled technology and our open API, we help everyone improve the process of obtaining proof of business insurance.

Insurance Requestors

Need to request insurance? Easily verify and track certificates of insurance for any business or service provider you want to hire. Simply use our platform to request insurance and we'll help you reduce paperwork and keep your vendors in compliance with your insurance requirements.

Agents & Carriers

We are actively partnering with insurance agencies, brokers and insurance companies to provide accurate and real-time insurance verification and tracking services. We can help agents avoid needless calls, paperwork, and reduce back and forth communication for certifications.

Insurance Requestees

Getting insurance requests from others?
If so, create an account and use your personal dashboard to track service providers you may hire and automate all your certificate of insurance requests. Plus, coming soon, you will have an option to let others know that you're available for hire and that you are already an insurance verified business.

Homeowners & Consumers

Have you ever been in an awkward situation of asking a service provider to show proof of insurance? Save yourself the discomfort and create your free HoundDog account where you can request proof of insurance through HoundDog and track the process on our dashboard. Getting ready to remodel? Considering a day care? 40% of businesses aren't insured. Use HoundDog to keep your family safe.

How We Help

The Improvement Via HoundDog's
Automation Is Staggering

You can't make these statistics up. We are measuring the data and the results are pretty incredible.

It's Easy to Start

Get Set Up In Under 60 Seconds

What are you waiting for?

Step 1: Create your account.

Step 2: Choose the insurance coverage you require to work for you.

Step 3:  Give us email addresses of whoever you want us to verify — we'll start tracking down certificates of insurance for you!

We will save you time & money. Let’s automate your insurance tracking.

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