Remote (Columbia, MO)
Full Time

OCR Engineer

We're looking for an engineer to head our document data extraction team. Applicants will need to be able to develop & train state of the art OCR algorithms to extract data from image files.

About this position

HoundDog is a venture capital funded B2B SaaS company in the Fintech/InsurTech space. Contractors, property managers, trucking companies and many other industries must track down proof of insurance, W-9’s, and other documents for the subcontractors and vendors they hire. We help businesses streamline the insurance tracking and vendor onboarding process by using automation from start to finish. What is typically a manual process, HoundDog is able to automate saving our clients significant time and hassle.

If you have a start-up mentality looking for a position with an incredibly high ceiling, you've found the right job post. We are looking for resilient, articulate, talented individuals to help us scale with new sales. We have had tremendous success in a very short time period and are interested in adding several talented teammates to our already dynamic team of amazing people.

Minimum Qualifications

⦁ Proven proficiency in designing deep learning and computer vision models.

⦁ Experience writing, maintaining, and testing code.

⦁ Strong coding, debugging, algorithm design and problem-solving skills. 

⦁ Fast learner with the ability to adapt to new situations and changing conditions.

Preferred Qualifications:

⦁ 2+ years of machine learning related experience.

⦁ M.S. or PhD in computer science with an emphasis in machine learning.

⦁ Experience working in Agile/Scrum environment.

⦁ Experience deploy APIs to expose models to front-end.


⦁ Participating in daily standups.

⦁ Collaborating across projects to help with product integration.

⦁ Developing OCR models to extract information from documents.

⦁ Contributing to back-end development.

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